Designer of Reality

YOU are The Designer of Reality™

YOU may think that reality "happens" to you but in truth,
what you decide to BELIEVE is your world will define everything that happens in your life.
Explaining that concept and helping you claim your inherent power is the intention of The Designer of Reality™ Protocol.
Here at Designer of Reality on the web and at The PositiVibes Network Inc. ( we will offer ideas to help you increase your skill at intentionally designing your personal reality.
We are also spotlighting people who through their personal efforts to improve the quality of life on this planet are demonstrating how each of us as a Designer of Reality can help transform the world we live in.


The PositiVibes Network Inc. launches "The Designer of Reality™" Program
The PositiVibes Network Inc. launches a program to recognize individuals who are improving the quality of life on the planet through their endeavors and provide guidance allowing everyone to take more control over one's own life.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - Nov. 4, 2017 - PRLog -- In an effort to offer an alternative to a predominantly problem and crisis oriented news and information media that dominates global consciousness we are building the PositiVibes Network. We recognize that most of the unwanted happenings discussed in the media actually happen but they are the aberrations rather than the norm of the reality most of us actually live in. Most people are kind and good by nature. Without the disruptive influence of a constant presentation of everything "bad" about the world current fears and anxiety about our future would be greatly diminished. When people believe in the danger and horror it tends to become a self fulfilling prophecy.

The PositiVibes Network approaches the nature of reality from more of a quantum physics perspective where a researcher's beliefs can determine the outcome of an experiment. We accept the concept put forward by Deepak Chopra and others that "consciousness" creates reality. Each of us creates a unique reality that is simply a mirror of our beliefs. By allowing fear and anxiety to permeate our personal realities we are actually inviting experiences matching those feelings into our life. This is not a concept easily accepted by many because it is much easier to "blame" someone or something for our perceived failures. By being selective about the picture of the world we present to our consciousness we can gradually diminish the "unwanted" by taking away its energy. Your reality will always be a reflection of your predominant beliefs.

The Designer of Reality™ program will spotlight the stories of people actively shifting beliefs about reality through efforts to improve quality of life and nurture a joyful and loving attitude among people. We will share the stories of people like Carol Ray, founder of Gateway Community Outreach, who has spent years assisting families in need with "a hand up, not a handout" and Mark Johnson who founded "Music Around the World" that brings joy and hope to the world through music. We will make people aware of ways they can actively support the planet by contributing to organizations like ScentsAbility where Bonnie Schwartz created a company allowing her autistic daughter and others who share her condition to have a positive and satisfying job.

Most important, through the Designer of Reality™ Guidebook the PositiVibes Network Inc. will offer direction to following a path that can give anyone the ability to more intentionally shape their future in line with their hopes and dreams. It is a world where there are no victims, only adventurers. A world where you are totally capable of defining your own destiny and find that as your skills improve you will benefit all that exists. We invite you to join us in this all important quest to elevate consciousness and the quality of life on the planet.

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Positive Vibrations and intentions will create the world of your dreams.

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Let's start with the premise that we are each designing our personal life experience. Everyone lives in their own unique reality - or world that they believe to be real. This is because everyone sees things differently based on their life experiences. You come to believe certain things about yourself and the world that will be the "truth" for you until you change your mind about them. The key is the realization that everything depends on your choices and beliefs. Everything happens as you imagine it. This is a book about claiming and learning to use your power as a Designer of Reality. You will find that you can change the course of history and influence the future in significant ways. Mastering your power will likely take some determination and practice but as you get better and better at making dreams come you will find it to be a great deal of fun and a very satisfying way to live.

This is a story about KARMA. Karma is simply a reciprocal exchange - what we give, we receive in kind. The Designer of Reality™ protocol explains cause and effect and provides guidance to help you better take advantage of your creative abilities to deliver more of the things and experiences you want in your life. In these pages we will help you become aware of and appreciate the three levels of your being: "Sat, Chit, Ananda" or Existence, Consciousness and Bliss. The result will be a realization that you very literally are the designer of your own reality and it is uniquely yours. While you interact with an infinite number of alternate realities, your world can be completely under your control. The challenge is that you must be disciplined with your conscious thoughts and develop a strong faith in your creative abilities. If you fear or worry about an unwanted outcome, you are actually inviting it to be a more vivid part of your reality. Karma, also known as The Law of Attraction, will bring you whatever you ask for better or worse because your thinking will make it so.

This journey will help you shift your perception of reality as you discover more about your true nature. We should start by saying that since you find yourself reading this you are probably at a stage in your personal evolution of consciousness where the information in these pages will be useful to you. I can assure you that you are here at this point in the ongoing saga of the human species because you have an important role to play in fine-tuning our future path. That may seem to be placing a lot of responsibility on your shoulders but accepting this role is optional. If you choose you can simply continue your life as you have been doing but you may find being part of the adventure at hand will be much more fun and satisfying.

The highly evolved conscious being that is the real you has invented this character to interact with the time space world you find yourself in. Like an actor on the stage, you have adopted a role in a story that you are defining and making up as you go along. The issue we are here to discuss is the idea that (your name here) is a very definite entity that believes it is the ALL of You and not just a useful but nonetheless made up character. The most common name for this part of you is "ego" - we will refer to it as the basic operating system of your bio-computer brain. You have used it to create a very sophisticated persona that serves as the vehicle for all your interactions with the physical world. The only problem with "ego" you is that it is entirely the result of your experiences and memories which can mean that there is much programming in there that does not serve your interests. Many people really believe this ego character is who they are but you can be assured that you are much more than that. Conscious YOU that moves around in the world as (your name here) is the real intelligence and energy source for the character you have created. That REAL you is directly connected to an infinite all encompassing energy field and can tap into the forces that created the entire material world. Taking the controls is up to you but "conscious" you can do anything you are inspired to do.

)Who are the Designer's of Reality? We are - each one of us. There is no reality "out there" accept as we imagine it. You will create your personal reality day to day without really thinking about it. Most people believe reality is something that happens to them and one needs to just do their best to live with it and make a decent life. It can all seem very random and purposeless but that is only because you are not taking advantage of your ability to control what happens. To take charge you only need to accept that you can take charge. It is all about what you believe because what you believe will become your reality without fail. The acceptance of these ideas is spreading at an ever increasing pace around the world. We are in the early stages of a paradigm shift that will take the future of our species and the planet in directions that will very likely make the experience of being human on this planet one hundred years from now almost unrecognizable to those of us living in the world of now.

Get an instant PDF download of the PositiVibes Guidebook: Learning the Art of Intentional Creation.

Now available - Part One of the The Designer of Reality™ Adventure Guide Manual.

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