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We are the Designers of Reality™.

Here you can learn to create the World of Your Dreams as an Intentional Designer of Reality™.

The Edge of Creation Guide will assist you in learning to intentionally shape the material reality into the world of your dreams regardless of current appearances or preconceived ideas about your future. Or, maybe you will just decide to have more fun.

The key idea you must accept is that you are totally responsible for everything you are experiencing because you are CREATING all that you experience.

This is why we are saying that we are at "The Edge of Creation" because right NOW is the only place anything is actually happening. Everything else is either a memory of something that happened before or it is still formless waiting for your direction.

You are here to learn how to be "intentional" about creating the life of fun and adventure you desire.
All you need to do is learn to BELIEVE that you can have, and deserve to have, anything that your heart desires.

“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds” – Bob Marley
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The Designer of Reality™
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You are living in a magical world, a world of illusions.
The intention of the The Designer of Reality™ website and guidebook and other materials is to help you realize that your thoughts, words and emotions are responsible for all aspects of your life.
You are here to be happy and have fun.
You have created a character called "your name here" that is capable of doing and being anything you desire. Everything about that character you have imagined into being. What you look like is just the costume you have designed for yourself.
Don't get stuck in the world of "appearances".
It is all very real but it is your consciousness that has created it.
You have already begun to realize that all you need do is change your mind to change your world.
You are fully in control.

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YOU are at The Edge of Creation Designing Your Reality.